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TTS X4 Comic-Salon 2010 Falling in Love with Ria

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Comic-Salon 2010 has begun and this crazy crowded party is well underway by now. I just took about an hour or two at night to give everyone another update with my latest impressions. Again, this is very much a "raw" and completely unpolished recording! It had literally nothing whatsoever edited out of it. Listener, please beware! Just hear me say a few kind and thoughtful things about Howard Chaykin, before I completely go off into my segment where I am totally and utterly overcome by love and awe for Stenarts Ltd.'s all new album series, Ria!! Ria is probably one of the best comics I have seen in a long time, and it's something that has seemingly come out of the proverbial nowhere. You heard it here first--this thing could soon be huge! Don't miss it. I think I have learned more than I ever expected in one day: It turns out Ria is an AR comic, where "AR" stands for "augmented reality" (all the rage with the kids these days, I hear). The publisher's website is: http://www.stenarts.com/index.php?home And by the way, the name of that fairy cartoon series I couldn't remember anymore is really "Shadow of the Elves". Not a whole lot of information about it online, but I found this: http://www.baf-film.com/preview/start/index.php?main=produktion&sub=36
Full episode guide in German: http://www.fernsehserien.de/index.php?serie=9456&seite=12

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