02.06.10, 17:34:43

TTS X3_June 2_Status Report and New Swag

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Hello! I managed to record almost a full episode today. See it as an episode in the raw or something like that. It's not very sophisticated. It started with me just fooling around and trying to take my latest purchases out of the boxes while recording, and speaking about what I'd bought lately and why. I was also trying to get over my tiredness and my headache ... and podcast anyway. That is why this file may sound a bit funny in places, sorry about that. Somewhere down the line, I get around to talking about the terribly chill weather in May and June. I even mention Charlie Chaplin, Studio 54, book pricing, several superhero games... and especially, lots & lots to do with Wonder Woman. I'm getting ready for a game night and the fantastic International Comic-Salon starting tomorrow. That is why there was simply very little time to do much of anything podcast-wise. But I'm having fun with it, believe it or not. I'll be back soon. Very soon. =o)

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