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TTS X1_May 3_Ultra Comix opening_edit

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Welcome to Tschubi-Tschabi X1 ... Oh yes, the TTS is going through yet another metamorphosis. Like the caterpillar turning into a butterfly in spring time, TTS returns in a trimmed down, slimmed down weekly blog format. (Plus, it's all in English, so my many friends overseas are not missing out on a single thing--and get to laugh at my mistakes, haha.) Longer TTS episodes and specials will still be made a little later. They will all be part of the same RSS feed, until further notice. This week, at least three big events relating to comicbooks, the comicbook hobby and myself (Norbert) coincide. Within only five days, a new comic shop opens close to where I live, I'll be at the movies to see both Iron Man features, and on Saturday, there'll be the German-speaking countries' version of Free Comic Book Day. Since all three events are happening in the same week, I decided to talk about all of them. Episode X1 is kind of more like a mission statement ... and I tried my hand at Audacity's editing function a little bit. OK, we had to start somewhere to get something out just to say "welcome back". More segments/episodes/entries are most certainly in the works.

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