01.10.09, 06:21:00

Laserstar Dragon's Kid Stuff - Part 2

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Well, I'm sure you guessed that we had a "Part 2" coming for this. I have left a longer gap between the last file and this one, which actually was not altogether intentional. I just haven't figured out a good interval in between posting new content. These shorter clips by Laserstar Dragon are special cases anyway. I would have had one for literally every day in the week, for example, but someone actually advised me against posting too many audio files in short sequence. It's better to have at least 3 days between files being uploaded, so most of our listeners are given time to catch up with us.

I'm likely going to be out gaming tomorrow night, and nothing important might get recorded. I thought about coming back to recording on Saturday, but my friends and I might have a wrestling event to go to. I'm not making promises, yet. On Sunday there's another game appointment, so time to do much of anything is scarce even now.

All I'm saying for today is: Enjoy LD's latest presentation!

As a preview I can tell you that next we'll "boldly go" into the realms of space opera, space fantasy, and assorted anime. Laserstar Dragon has helped me greatly with analyses of those genres and already provided audio content for them.

Have a nice day, Norbert

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