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Laserstar Dragon's Kid Stuff - Part 1

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Today I present another one of Laserstar Dragon's audio columns that he kindly gave to me this summer. This one is very special, and very personal. I am very flattered and honored that Laserstar trusted me with this one, since here he goes into his own childhood's treasure trove of ideas... e.g. for comics and sci-fi novelettes.

Besides being the first TARA Intercontinental Champion now, Laserstar Dragon clearly has the memory of an elephant: He recalls all of his own ideas from way-back-when, even all the quirky and abandoned projects that he was once working on as a teenager and even before, and he kept all his notes and drawings from that time. I found that amazing the first time he mentioned it to me.

We all have some treasured childhood memories, but few of us have notes and stories for series that we dreamed up back in the day and hoped to maybe finish and release one day. Laserstar wasted no time, but dug right into his very personal, never-before-seen "files" to tell us something about "Rock Man". This was his concept for a series about a rock band, who, in his own words, fought evil and travelled aboard a giant guitar-shaped spaceship. Just the right thing for the TTS podcast, I said.

By the way, somewhere down the line, if you listen carefully, you can also discover information about where the name "Laserstar Dragon" originally came from.

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