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Laserstar Dragon's Commentary on Crossovers

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OK, so just don't mention that D&D monk with a light saber from Gamers: Dorkness Rising ...

Today we are proud to present another short audio column (I prefer to call them that, since "podcast" can stand for so many different things nowadays) by Bryan, that is, Laserstar Dragon.

I'm planning on posting a few more of Laserstar's excellent solo pieces before I'll return with the full onslaught, as it were. I'll probably give you about one per week. As I told you, Laserstar Dragon has been shockingly productive, so it's a little hard to keep up with him.

In today's episode, he talks about the phenomenon of the crossover. What a topic! We have all seen it at some point. We have all thought about it, also. Crossovers happen all the time in comicbooks (going back all the way to the first Superman/Batman team-ups), and also in movies (remember Aliens vs. Predator? King Kong vs. Godzilla, anyone?), in some TV series (Xena meeting Hercules, for example, or Buffy and Angel ...), and especially in fan fictions. Personally, I have very little experience with fan fiction, and I never wrote any myself. I know they are pretty popular, though.

Laserstar Dragon goes into quite some detail about crossovers where the characters are NOT from the same franchise or the same comic universe, and those where they might not even come from a similar era or timeline. You'll learn a great deal about crossovers done for profit, cross-marketing, and plain fanboy pleasure. (A lot more goodness to come, so stay tuned!)

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