22.09.09, 17:26:07

Laserstar Dragon_Thoughts on the Superhero Genre

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Hello! No, I wouldn't let this day pass without at least one more small file for TARA: Tschubi-Tschabi ... So here goes:

Laserstar Dragon, the first (and "reigning") TARA Intercontinental Champion, gives you a great and concise 15-minute analysis of the entire genre we call "superheroes". Not so easy to do, after all. I realized that you can (and maybe should) listen to this file before going into the previous 3-parter about supers. But enjoy these files as you wish, at your leisure. They are all good. In the genre discussion, Dragon doesn't deal specifically with RPGs or a given game system, but with the characteristics that define superheroes. You thought it was all about colorful pajamas and corny dialogue? Okay, that may be a part of it, but it's not everything. There are interesting notes of how superheroes are related to, and yet different from, science-fiction, cop drama, mystery, and soap opera.

PS: No, Laserstar Dragon has not completely taken over this podcast. I'll be back with my own recordings shortly. Apart from the short updates and snippets like the ones I'm uploading right now, I'm trying to get a weekly format together. (Watch this space.)

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