In meiner Sendung geht es vorrangig um zwei große Bereiche: um Comics und Rollenspiele; oft auch um Rollenspiele, die auf einer Comicvorlage basieren oder die eine comic-ähnliche Atmosphäre anstreben. Aber das ist keine Bedingung. Zu unserem Thema "Comics" gehören alle möglichen Produkte der graphisch-seriellen Kunst, vor allem jedoch US-Superheldencomics (DC, Marvel, Image), daneben gelegentlich französische Album-Serien, japanische Manga und koreanische Manhwa. Zum Bereich "Rollenspiele" zähle ich aber - anders als andere Podcaster - ausdrücklich keine Online-Rollenspiele (MMORPGs), Computerspiele oder Live-Rollenspiele (LARPs). Mit Rollenspielen meine ich nur Pen & Paper-Rollenspiele. In lockerer und freundschaftlicher Runde werden wir hier über ausgewählte Favoriten sprechen, Spielleiter-Tipps geben, Künstler vorstellen und so weiter. Es wird heiß, es wird bunt, es wird kontrovers ... und vor allen Dingen wird es total "tschubi tschabi"! Bis bald.

20.09.09, 17:23:28

Laserstar Dragon_Supers 2

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Laserstar Dragon (the reigning TARA Intercontinental Champion) continues with observations about superhero cartoon series from the 1960s to the 1990s... and partially the present decade. This overview will lead into a detailed discussion of one of my own favorite topics: How to use superhero stereotypes, situations and stories in pen & paper RPGs. Since the RPG that we both contributed to only deals with cartoon character types based on series from the 1980s, the info about 60s, 70s and 90s series is only available here, in podcast form. Thanks for listening.

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19.09.09, 21:40:40

Laserstar Dragon_Supers 1

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OK, I admit that the first segment by my friend Laserstar Dragon was not technically the first one recorded in a sequence on the superhero genre in animated television series. But never mind... If you're finding fault with that, the blame is on me and me only. I was in a hurry, and since I had four different audio clips all named "Supers" or "Superheroes", I may have been a little confused. But as a matter of fact, I fully believe that most of Dragon's files can be enjoyed out of order, as they have been recorded a number of weeks ago. I was happy to find out that they had not been given a definitive date, nor were they referring to a specific event, like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Spring Break, or GenCon. Rather, these files are pretty timeless and independent of a specific seasonal topic or event. Here, however, is the actual (real!) part #1 or a three-parter dealing with the history of superheroes on American children's TV, decade by decade. Plenty of handy comicbook knowledge to boot. If you are not already a comicbook aficionado or "true believer", this will serve as an ideal starting point to delve right into the matter. Parts #2 & 3 coming extremely soon!

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18.09.09, 17:25:13

Bryan Beyer_Superheroes

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Laserstar Dragon talks about the wide world of superheroes, in comicbooks, movies, television, animation. This is the beginning of a detailed series focusing on superpowered characters, the history of superheroes, advice on running a superheroes game, and related trivia and notes.

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18.09.09, 17:20:30

TARA TTS_01 Introducing Laserstar Dragon

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Here is a quick 22-minute segment in the raw. Its main purpose is to say hello and welcome back to all of you, and its second main purpose is to introduce Laserstar Dragon (who will present the next few episodes). If you want to hear the really informative parts, you can skip this and go directly to Laserstar Dragon's first file, listed separately. Thank you.

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18.09.09, 04:40:04

The wait will soon be over... yes, indeed

TARA is coming. Expect a new audio file here even before the weekend (because I will be at Demon Con as a GM this weekend).

I'm preparing all new news segments, probably roughly about these subject matters: Rasslin' / Books / Movies / TV / Internet / RPGs / Comics / Music. I am also planning to start off every new episode of the podcast with something like, "Random stuff I just wanted to get out of the way."

I can't say for sure how it's going to turn out in the end, but it will definitely contain a bunch of surprises.

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