In meiner Sendung geht es vorrangig um zwei große Bereiche: um Comics und Rollenspiele; oft auch um Rollenspiele, die auf einer Comicvorlage basieren oder die eine comic-ähnliche Atmosphäre anstreben. Aber das ist keine Bedingung. Zu unserem Thema "Comics" gehören alle möglichen Produkte der graphisch-seriellen Kunst, vor allem jedoch US-Superheldencomics (DC, Marvel, Image), daneben gelegentlich französische Album-Serien, japanische Manga und koreanische Manhwa. Zum Bereich "Rollenspiele" zähle ich aber - anders als andere Podcaster - ausdrücklich keine Online-Rollenspiele (MMORPGs), Computerspiele oder Live-Rollenspiele (LARPs). Mit Rollenspielen meine ich nur Pen & Paper-Rollenspiele. In lockerer und freundschaftlicher Runde werden wir hier über ausgewählte Favoriten sprechen, Spielleiter-Tipps geben, Künstler vorstellen und so weiter. Es wird heiß, es wird bunt, es wird kontrovers ... und vor allen Dingen wird es total "tschubi tschabi"! Bis bald.

01.10.09, 06:21:00

Laserstar Dragon's Kid Stuff - Part 2

Download (5 MB)

Well, I'm sure you guessed that we had a "Part 2" coming for this. I have left a longer gap between the last file and this one, which actually was not altogether intentional. I just haven't figured out a good interval in between posting new content. These shorter clips by Laserstar Dragon are special cases anyway. I would have had one for literally every day in the week, for example, but someone actually advised me against posting too many audio files in short sequence. It's better to have at least 3 days between files being uploaded, so most of our listeners are given time to catch up with us.

I'm likely going to be out gaming tomorrow night, and nothing important might get recorded. I thought about coming back to recording on Saturday, but my friends and I might have a wrestling event to go to. I'm not making promises, yet. On Sunday there's another game appointment, so time to do much of anything is scarce even now.

All I'm saying for today is: Enjoy LD's latest presentation!

As a preview I can tell you that next we'll "boldly go" into the realms of space opera, space fantasy, and assorted anime. Laserstar Dragon has helped me greatly with analyses of those genres and already provided audio content for them.

Have a nice day, Norbert

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27.09.09, 17:44:33

Laserstar Dragon's Kid Stuff - Part 1

Download (6,2 MB)

Today I present another one of Laserstar Dragon's audio columns that he kindly gave to me this summer. This one is very special, and very personal. I am very flattered and honored that Laserstar trusted me with this one, since here he goes into his own childhood's treasure trove of ideas... e.g. for comics and sci-fi novelettes.

Besides being the first TARA Intercontinental Champion now, Laserstar Dragon clearly has the memory of an elephant: He recalls all of his own ideas from way-back-when, even all the quirky and abandoned projects that he was once working on as a teenager and even before, and he kept all his notes and drawings from that time. I found that amazing the first time he mentioned it to me.

We all have some treasured childhood memories, but few of us have notes and stories for series that we dreamed up back in the day and hoped to maybe finish and release one day. Laserstar wasted no time, but dug right into his very personal, never-before-seen "files" to tell us something about "Rock Man". This was his concept for a series about a rock band, who, in his own words, fought evil and travelled aboard a giant guitar-shaped spaceship. Just the right thing for the TTS podcast, I said.

By the way, somewhere down the line, if you listen carefully, you can also discover information about where the name "Laserstar Dragon" originally came from.

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24.09.09, 04:03:23

Laserstar Dragon's Commentary on Crossovers

Download (8,7 MB)

OK, so just don't mention that D&D monk with a light saber from Gamers: Dorkness Rising ...

Today we are proud to present another short audio column (I prefer to call them that, since "podcast" can stand for so many different things nowadays) by Bryan, that is, Laserstar Dragon.

I'm planning on posting a few more of Laserstar's excellent solo pieces before I'll return with the full onslaught, as it were. I'll probably give you about one per week. As I told you, Laserstar Dragon has been shockingly productive, so it's a little hard to keep up with him.

In today's episode, he talks about the phenomenon of the crossover. What a topic! We have all seen it at some point. We have all thought about it, also. Crossovers happen all the time in comicbooks (going back all the way to the first Superman/Batman team-ups), and also in movies (remember Aliens vs. Predator? King Kong vs. Godzilla, anyone?), in some TV series (Xena meeting Hercules, for example, or Buffy and Angel ...), and especially in fan fictions. Personally, I have very little experience with fan fiction, and I never wrote any myself. I know they are pretty popular, though.

Laserstar Dragon goes into quite some detail about crossovers where the characters are NOT from the same franchise or the same comic universe, and those where they might not even come from a similar era or timeline. You'll learn a great deal about crossovers done for profit, cross-marketing, and plain fanboy pleasure. (A lot more goodness to come, so stay tuned!)

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22.09.09, 17:26:07

Laserstar Dragon_Thoughts on the Superhero Genre

Download (7,1 MB)

Hello! No, I wouldn't let this day pass without at least one more small file for TARA: Tschubi-Tschabi ... So here goes:

Laserstar Dragon, the first (and "reigning") TARA Intercontinental Champion, gives you a great and concise 15-minute analysis of the entire genre we call "superheroes". Not so easy to do, after all. I realized that you can (and maybe should) listen to this file before going into the previous 3-parter about supers. But enjoy these files as you wish, at your leisure. They are all good. In the genre discussion, Dragon doesn't deal specifically with RPGs or a given game system, but with the characteristics that define superheroes. You thought it was all about colorful pajamas and corny dialogue? Okay, that may be a part of it, but it's not everything. There are interesting notes of how superheroes are related to, and yet different from, science-fiction, cop drama, mystery, and soap opera.

PS: No, Laserstar Dragon has not completely taken over this podcast. I'll be back with my own recordings shortly. Apart from the short updates and snippets like the ones I'm uploading right now, I'm trying to get a weekly format together. (Watch this space.)

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21.09.09, 05:58:22

Laserstar Dragon_Supers 3

Download (5,9 MB)

"Always moving forward... Keep it moving!"

Well, we here at the headquarters of the TARA continue as planned with the sequence of Laserstar Dragon's recordings. Now, in part 3, we are getting into the nitty-gritty of how to emulate the supers in a pen & paper game session, not just the powers and abilities, but the genre's kind of storytelling. Upon selecting these files for the podcast, I enjoyed this sequence very much. I got a lot of info out of it myself. This is one of my favorites, as I told you before. I hope you'll like it, too. Please leave comments and send me e-mail. I'm counting on you.

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