In meiner Sendung geht es vorrangig um zwei große Bereiche: um Comics und Rollenspiele; oft auch um Rollenspiele, die auf einer Comicvorlage basieren oder die eine comic-ähnliche Atmosphäre anstreben. Aber das ist keine Bedingung. Zu unserem Thema "Comics" gehören alle möglichen Produkte der graphisch-seriellen Kunst, vor allem jedoch US-Superheldencomics (DC, Marvel, Image), daneben gelegentlich französische Album-Serien, japanische Manga und koreanische Manhwa. Zum Bereich "Rollenspiele" zähle ich aber - anders als andere Podcaster - ausdrücklich keine Online-Rollenspiele (MMORPGs), Computerspiele oder Live-Rollenspiele (LARPs). Mit Rollenspielen meine ich nur Pen & Paper-Rollenspiele. In lockerer und freundschaftlicher Runde werden wir hier über ausgewählte Favoriten sprechen, Spielleiter-Tipps geben, Künstler vorstellen und so weiter. Es wird heiß, es wird bunt, es wird kontrovers ... und vor allen Dingen wird es total "tschubi tschabi"! Bis bald.

04.06.10, 04:04:01

TTS X4 Comic-Salon 2010 Falling in Love with Ria

Download (39,7 MB)

Comic-Salon 2010 has begun and this crazy crowded party is well underway by now. I just took about an hour or two at night to give everyone another update with my latest impressions. Again, this is very much a "raw" and completely unpolished recording! It had literally nothing whatsoever edited out of it. Listener, please beware! Just hear me say a few kind and thoughtful things about Howard Chaykin, before I completely go off into my segment where I am totally and utterly overcome by love and awe for Stenarts Ltd.'s all new album series, Ria!! Ria is probably one of the best comics I have seen in a long time, and it's something that has seemingly come out of the proverbial nowhere. You heard it here first--this thing could soon be huge! Don't miss it. I think I have learned more than I ever expected in one day: It turns out Ria is an AR comic, where "AR" stands for "augmented reality" (all the rage with the kids these days, I hear). The publisher's website is: And by the way, the name of that fairy cartoon series I couldn't remember anymore is really "Shadow of the Elves". Not a whole lot of information about it online, but I found this:
Full episode guide in German:

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02.06.10, 17:34:43

TTS X3_June 2_Status Report and New Swag

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Hello! I managed to record almost a full episode today. See it as an episode in the raw or something like that. It's not very sophisticated. It started with me just fooling around and trying to take my latest purchases out of the boxes while recording, and speaking about what I'd bought lately and why. I was also trying to get over my tiredness and my headache ... and podcast anyway. That is why this file may sound a bit funny in places, sorry about that. Somewhere down the line, I get around to talking about the terribly chill weather in May and June. I even mention Charlie Chaplin, Studio 54, book pricing, several superhero games... and especially, lots & lots to do with Wonder Woman. I'm getting ready for a game night and the fantastic International Comic-Salon starting tomorrow. That is why there was simply very little time to do much of anything podcast-wise. But I'm having fun with it, believe it or not. I'll be back soon. Very soon. =o)

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07.05.10, 17:46:10

TTS X2_May 4_Bastard and Goldman_edit

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Gosh, I'm just in such a hurry this week ... One appointment after the other, and the weather is MUCH TOO COLD for May, I don't care what anyone else says about that. All right, here is segment #2 of the TTS blog update thing--well, anyway, that shorter format I was talking about. Editing with Audacity is so much fun, I'm actually learning by doing once again. This episode was fun to do, but I'm still getting the right feel for what I want and how it's all coming together. This time, I'm back with some news and impressions from the new comicbook shop. Notes: This segment had about 6 minutes of crap edited out of it ... So you won't hear me get Carlsen's release schedule mixed up. I also had got Hiro Mashima ("Fairy Tale") mixed up with Eiichiro Oda ("One Piece"). Not good. I edited that out, thankfully. And by the way: Note that Fairy Tail is indeed published in English, available from Del Rey Manga. I'll be back soon. Now off to gaming! Have a good weekend.

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05.05.10, 05:15:27

TTS X1_May 3_Ultra Comix opening_edit

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Welcome to Tschubi-Tschabi X1 ... Oh yes, the TTS is going through yet another metamorphosis. Like the caterpillar turning into a butterfly in spring time, TTS returns in a trimmed down, slimmed down weekly blog format. (Plus, it's all in English, so my many friends overseas are not missing out on a single thing--and get to laugh at my mistakes, haha.) Longer TTS episodes and specials will still be made a little later. They will all be part of the same RSS feed, until further notice. This week, at least three big events relating to comicbooks, the comicbook hobby and myself (Norbert) coincide. Within only five days, a new comic shop opens close to where I live, I'll be at the movies to see both Iron Man features, and on Saturday, there'll be the German-speaking countries' version of Free Comic Book Day. Since all three events are happening in the same week, I decided to talk about all of them. Episode X1 is kind of more like a mission statement ... and I tried my hand at Audacity's editing function a little bit. OK, we had to start somewhere to get something out just to say "welcome back". More segments/episodes/entries are most certainly in the works.

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30.04.10, 17:06:29

We'll be back! New content coming tomorrow, May 1!

Everybody on alert! I'm still here. I haven't forgotten you or this podcast. I hereby promise that at this time tomorrow, there will be some kind of new Tschubi-Tschabi podcast episode online here. I've officially planned my return to running this show for May 1st, lovely springy Saturday afternoon tomorrow. I won't promise that the new episode will be good, but it will exist, barring the unforeseen.

-- Alle mal hergehört! Mich gibt's immer noch. Ich habe euch oder diesen Podcast nicht vergessen. Ich verspreche hiermit in aller Form, dass es hier morgen um diese Zeit irgendeine neue Tschubi-Tschabi-Podcastfolge geben wird. Ich habe meine Rückkehr zum Leiten dieser Show offiziell für den 1. Mai vorgesehen, den schönen frühlingshaften Samstagnachmittag - morgen! Ich verspreche hier nicht, dass die neue Folge wirklich gut wird, aber sie wird zumindest existieren, unvorhersehbare Ereignisse mal ausgeschlossen.

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